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افتراضي  Folx Pro 5.1.13597 MacOSX
كُتبَ بتاريخ: [ 10-02-2016 - 04:55 PM ]
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<div align="center"><img src="" alt=""/><br /><br /><b>Folx Pro 5.1.13597 | macosx | 29.2 MB</b></div><br />Folx is a download manager for Mac OS X with a true Mac-style interface. It offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, etc. folx has a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content. folx has a modern interface with Retina displays support. It offers unique system of sorting and storing the downloaded content with a preview of the downloaded files.<br /><b>Smart tagging system</b><br />Any download can be assigned with a tag or multiple tags in Folx. This way folx will sort the downloads in Tags panel. By clicking any tag you will be shown other files marked with the same tag. Thank to tagging you'll be able to find any of downloaded files on your Mac easily.<br /><br /><b>Unique features offered only in Folx</b><br />Folx can split the downloads in 2 threads for faster downloading; can automatically resume interrupted downloads and has a cool mini controller. folx now also has File Manager for easier browsing through completed downloads. Handy filters are at your disposal to search through tasks in Downloads list: all, active, paused, scheduled and completed.<br /><br /><b>Folx is friendly with your browsers</b><br />If you come across something you want to download on the web, folx can automatically catch the downloads or it can catch only the specific types of files for downloading. folx also features a browser extension, which has the options to download all, download selected, and download with Folx. The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.<br /><br /><b>Torrent Client for Mac</b><br />Folx by Eltima is a powerful torrent client. The app downloads torrent files as well as creates new torrents for various trackers. With folx downloading torrent files is intuitive and simple. Tagging feature makes search through downloaded content quicker and easier. folx allows you to prioritize your download tasks and control download and upload speeds according to your needs. <br /><br /><b>Magnet links</b><br />Apart from downloading files from torrent trackers folx enables you to download using magnet links. The latter means you do not have to save a separate file before starting the actual download, which is convenient. It also allows you not to advertise the fact that you are using P2P technology.<br /><br /><b>Torrent Search (PRO)</b><br />PRO version of folx enables torrents search directly from the application. With folx PRO you don't need to browse through multiple torrent trackers to find what you need. Enter a keyword in Folx, and it will search for it in its extensive list of torrent trackers and display a list of relevant results.<br /><br /><b>Fast downloading (PRO)</b><br />Folx PRO can split the downloads in up to ten threads, which can dramatically increase the download speed.<br /><br /><b>Speed control (PRO)</b><br />Gain full control over the downloading speed by either adjusting it manually or allowing folx to do that automatically for optimal traffic allocation.<br /><br /><b>Scheduling of downloads (PRO)</b><br />You can choose the most suitable time for starting the download and set up how folx will behave upon finishing the download: shut down the system, switch to sleeping mode, or simply quit Folx.<br /><br /><b>iTunes integration (PRO)</b><br />All music and videos downloaded with folx can automatically go to iTunes playlists with the names as the tags assigned to downloads.<br /><br /><b>Remember login and password (PRO)</b><br />When starting new downloads from websites requiring authentication, you can ask folx to remember login and password. Next time folx is downloading from this website, you won't need to enter login and password. You can also keep passwords for FTP and HTTP websites in Folx. Free version of folx lets you save two entries.<br /><br /><b>Download from YouTube (PRO)</b><br />Download videos from YouTube with folx with the possibility to set the format for the downloaded video. When you don't actually need the video and only want to have a soundtrack from it, folx is of great help! Downloads can be performed manually, immediately upon the video discovery or at a certain schedule.<br /><br />- Splitting of downloads in up to ten threads <br />- Scheduling the downloads <br />- Integration with iTunes <br />- Speed control <br />- Search for torrents directly from the application <br />- YouTube Video Download <br />- Save any number of passwords for FTP and HTTP websites <br />- High-speed downloading <br />- Split the downloads in two threads <br />10 Auto-resuming of downloads<br /><br /><b>Version 5.1.13597</b><br />* Added: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish localizations.<br />* Added: support for websites requiring web authentication.<br />* Added: downloading of private and age-restricted videos from YouTube.<br />* Added: Quick Look support.<br />* Added: view the torrent search results without sorting.<br />* Added: the possibility to keep current category after the new download task was added.<br />* Improved: compact mode is kept on folx relaunch.<br />* Improved: password manager got some tuning.<br />* Improved: links identification and downloading of YouTube videos.<br />* Fixed: issues with downloading of files with the same name.<br />* Fixed: occasional crashes when downloading from YouTube.<br />* Fixed: incorrect downloading of torrents when specific files were selected.<br />* Fixed: occasional crashes on adding torrent files via magnet links.<br />* Fixed: issues with maximum ratio setting for torrent seeding. <br /><br /><b>Requirements:</b> OS X 10.7+<br /><div align="center"><b>Download link:</b></div><br /><div align="center"><b>nitroflare_com</b>:<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br /><b>rapidgator_net</b>:<br /><a href=""></a></div><br /><br /><div align="center"><b>Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction</b></div>

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