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LiraLand espri 2014 R3
LiraLand ESPRI 2014

LiraLand espri 2014 R3 | 459.2 mb

LiraLand Group has released update of espri 2014 is a set of programs that help civil and structural engineers make necessary decisions at their own workplace.ESPRI software package contains programs (modules) that enable you to carry out computer-aided analyses for a wide range of tasks in design, engineering and research fields of construction.

Since all modules of the package are very user-friendly and calculation procedure requires minimum amount of time, espri may be successfully applied for different purposes, such as: generating design model of the structure, evaluation of analysis results, expert appraisal of projects and technical supervision during erection of the structure.
ESPRI may be essential in many situations that require evaluation of real structures behaviour during erection, reconstruction, design procedure and supervision for their maintenance.
ESPRI helps the user in the routine work and provides the user with support to come up with an optimal solution. Modules of espri program are significant supplement to the more powerful software for civil and structural engineering - LIRA-SAPR and MONOMAKH-SAPR.
ESPRI software is an enhancement of set of programs presented earlier in CALCULATOR software.
ESPRI contains 74 reference and calculation programs. The programs in the package are organized into modules according to subject in consideration: mathematics; static and dynamic analyses, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, foundations, etc. The rest of programs are presented separately.

More info:

What's new in espri 2014 R3

Punching shear
New module 'Punching shear analysis (Belarus)' is introduced. The module enables you to carry out punching shear analysis of rectangular slabs according to SNB 5.03.01-02 (Belarus). The presence of column capitals is considered. 8 design situations are considered in 5 possible variants.
Masonry and masonry reinforcing
The building code SP 15.13330.2012 'Masonry and masonry reinforcing' is supported in the following modules:
- Brick pier,
- Brickwork in local compression,
- Brick pier in tension.
Modifications to the following modules
- Sections of RC elements;
- Effective lengths of steel structure elements;
- Settlement of equivalent footing;
- Beaing capacity of piles by field test results;
- Combined piled-raft foundation;
- Wind loads.

About LiraLand Group.

The origins of our company begin more than five decades ago in the early days of finite element analysis technology. In the 1960s a group of research workers in Kiev began work on development of software products that will meet the demands of the civil and structural engineer. This team was lead by Alexander Gorodetsky who, in the early 1980s, became deputy director of State R&D Institute of Automated Systems in Construction (NDIASB). This organization soon became the leader in the design and development of software solutions for design professionals.

Name: LiraLand ESPRI
Version: 2014 R3

Interface: english, russian
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even
Size: 459.2 mb

LiraLand ESPRI 2014

LiraLand ESPRI 2014

LiraLand ESPRI 2014 R3 espri

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