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افتراضي  NTS Audio Labs Techno Club Grooves WAV
كُتبَ بتاريخ: [ 12-30-2016 - 04:25 PM ]
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رقم العضوية : 2003
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NTS audio labs techno club grooves WAV
Audio Labs Techno Club Grooves

NTS audio labs techno club grooves WAV | 182 Mb

Techno club Grooves' was inspired by the actual groovie techno/tech-house club style that is rocking all over the best Ibiza & European clubs.
In a collection of about 400 loops organized in a huge Construction Kit and 8 Track Construction Kits plus 370 WAVe shots (24Bit) for instant producing of groovie techno tracks.

You will get also all the other sounds you need to make a full production, Kicks, Snares, Hats, Premium Basses, Synths and much more!

The collection is organized in three main sides: Multi Track Construction Kit, Construction Kit and Sounds Library.

1) The 'Multitrack Construction Kit' category contains 8 different tracks Construction Kits for a total of 91 Loops!

2) The 'Construction Kit' category contains about 400 loops including rocking Bass Loops, pristine Beat loops, Synth Loops, Kick Loops, HatClaps Loops, Kick Free grooves and Groove Loops.

The mixing possibilities are astounding and it's fast and easy to construct a totally customized techno club track!

These types of loops are specially suited for Ableton users and other loop based software and permit instant, easy construction of cool tribal tech tracks, beats and grooves!

3) The 'Sounds Library' category contains Drum Hits and Sounds from Premium UltraLow Basses to Synths, Chord Synths, a Jomox Drums sample library, Kickdrums, Hats, Snare, Claps for a total of 370 WAVe samples.

These sounds are suitable for soft samplers and audio sequencers, or any other sample based software.


Multitrack Construction Kit: Loops
8 Different Tracks Construction Kits (Total of 91 Loops!)

Construction Kit: Loops
40 Bass Loops at 125BPM
76 Beat Loops at 125BPM
51 Bottom grooves at 125BPM
34 Kick Loops at 125BPM
25 Kick Free grooves at 125BPM
25 HatsClaps Loops at 125BPM
49 Synth Loops at 125BPM

Sounds Library: Sounds
50 Basses
19 Chord Synths
15 Hard Synths

Drum Hits:
135 JomoX Drum Samples
50 Kicks
50 Snares/Claps
50 Hats

Content Size: 474 MB


Recorded at 24-Bit 44.1Khz
Normalized at 0db
All loops and samples are tuned to C
Universal tempo of 125 BPM across all loops
Top and bottom loops are pre-processed with sidechaining


Audio Labs Techno Club Grooves

Audio Labs Techno Club Grooves


NTS Audio Labs Techno Club Grooves WAV audio club grooves labs techno

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